Victor Lockhart Explains What It Means To Be Non Binary

‘Gender is what you feel, not what your parts are.’

As America limps toward recognizing the rights of transgendered people, there is a growing movement to bring visibility to those who embrace no gender at all. Known as Non Binary or genderqueer, these individuals aren’t specific about the nature of their gender because they choose to live beyond its confines or prefer to remain gender fluid. If that’s a bit tough for you to grasp, Victor Lockhart has done a fantastic job at explaining the concept in the video above.

In “Boy of Girl?” Lockhart explains how people can be neither male or female. Our sex is what we’ve been assigned by our chromosomes, but gender is how we choose to express ourselves. “Gender is what you feel, not what your parts are!” Lockhart says. So when they (most Non Binary people prefer “they” rather than “he” or “she”) is asked “Are you a boy or a girl?” Lockhart always responds, “No.” Although that is confusing to most people, by making videos such as the one above, Lockhart can help the average person understand, therefore accept Non Binary people. And, just as importantly, Non Binary people can be free to express themselves however they like.