North Korea Releases Low-Budget Propaganda Video Of Missiles Hitting The White House And Aircraft Carriers

The crude video appears to be more wishful thinking than real threat

As tensions over North Korea continue to climb for all parties involved, the secretive state has released a bizarrely bombastic state-produced propaganda video. The clip, which is light on production value, uses some very heavy-handed symbolism and pageantry to drive its point home.

As the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier was believed (erroneously) to have been making its way toward the coast of the isolationist nation last week, the capital city of Pyongyang hosted an enormous military parade, shots of which are included in the video, suggesting it was made quickly in response to the escalating efforts to this conflict.

The video features crude simulations of missile attacks on American symbols, including the White House, an aircraft carrier, and the Capitol building.

Very recent missile tests suggest that the depictions here are wishful thinking, and the video is more bluster than substance. That doesn’t make the effort or intent any less jarring, however.