How This Facebook User Predicted the Future

Did he really predict Prince's death seven months ago?

People were shocked this week to see Pablo Reyes’ re-post from December 26, 2015 that correctly predicted this year’s celebrity deaths and notable news events*. Reyes’ post duped hundreds of thousands of Facebook users earning 148,000 likes and 212,000 shares. So, is Pablo Reyes really the Nostradamus of Facebook? Some people thought so.

Sadly, Reyes shouldn’t quit his day job and become a fortune teller. He simply took advantage of an underused function on Facebook that allows you to add posts to your timeline as far back as you like. To create your own predictions and freak out your friends, go to your wall and write a status update. Click the clock icon, set a date in the past, and post. It will appear at the date you selected on your timeline. Once you find it, hit “share” and it will appear in your current feed.

via Facebook

Editor’s Note: Reyes’ addition of the Orlando shooting in his predictions was in poor taste.