Obama 0 for 1 on Trips to Denmark

Obama's last-minute trip to Copenhagen to appeal to members of the Olympic Committee to pick his hometown (and, you know, U.S. city) has failed, as Chicago was eliminated in the first round of voting. This should bring great joy to the people who somehow equated the massive economic benefits of an Olympics coming to a U.S. city with all of Obama's other policies that they hate, and chose to be against it. To the Chicago citizens with a more rational anti-development anti-Olympics position, you win, too.Hopefully, this will not color Obama's perceptions of Copenhagen, or what can get done there, because we need him to go back to a more important meeting in a few months.Oh, and this just in, Tokyo has also been eliminated, and will not get to build this cool thing. That leaves Rio and Madrid left. South America has never hosted an Olympics. I can see where this is going.