Europe Can’t Stop Trolling Trump

They all just want to be second

It all started when Zondag met Lubach, a Dutch satirical show, put together a hilarious tourism ad for our new president , Donald Trump, presenting him with a very simple idea: Make the Netherlands second.

Now, with Trump’s first two weeks in office coming to a close, other European countries are getting in on the act.


First, a Swiss show named Deville Late Night put together a very similar video to the Dutch version, describing why they, Switzerland, should come second to America:

Using the same quippy, reality TV style as Trump, they lampooned his penchant for being terribly rude to women and showed them a little traditionally Swiss high fashion. But the European countries weren’t done there. Soon, Denmark jumped in with their own video.


Their show, Natholdet, roasted our president, as well:

Dragging Trump’s executive orders and leveling years of environmental policy the video said, “We have modern super mills that produce nice, clean, renewable energy, don't worry. We can turn them into oil mills if you want. No problem!” Next, it was Germany’s turn.


Their late show, called Late Night show ZDF, couldn’t help but join in on the fun (jump past the introduction to get to the video at the [01:47] mark):

Finally, someone gave Germany the ability to joke openly about those two World Wars. As the clip jokes, "Germany hosted two World Wars in the last 100 years they were the best world wars in the world and we won both of them bigly, anyone who says anything else is fake news, period."


Additionally, Trump gave the Belgian show “De Ideale Wereld” the opportunity they’ve been waiting for:

They’re Swedish, but still. "ABBA is the most famous Belgian band in history. Well, they're Swedish, but according to alternative facts they're Belgian. I swear."


Portugal’s 5 Para a Meia-Noite also couldn’t help themselves:

The Portuguese went straight for the gut with this one, saying, "We abolished slavery in 1751—more than 100 years before the United States. Deal with it. And consider doing the same in your companies. Well, your sons’ companies.”


Not to be outdone:

Conflicts of interest notwithstanding, it looks as if the European world is finally getting their shot at a little schadenfreude of their own.

via Barry Schapiro / Twitter

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