Obama Masterfully Silences Hillary Clinton Heckler At Rally

‘There’s a better way to spend your time’

Heckling President Obama during a campaign speech sounds like a bad idea. It’s like trying to interrupt a really good comedian during one of their standup sets. And one unfortunate man learned that the hard way when he interrupted the president to scream some objections to Hillary Clinton.

"I keep on telling folks, you gotta organize your own rallies. If you're confident about the other guy, just go to his rallies. I feel confident about my candidate, that's why I'm at this rally," Obama said.

Of course, it’s not like Clinton needed Obama to run to her defense. After all, the heckler was already drowned out by the cries of “Hillary!” coming from those in attendance at the Ohio rally on Friday.

"That's a better way for you to spend your time — unless you're just being paid to be here," Obama added.