Of Memes and Men: The Awesomeness That is ROFLCon

Every two years, entrepreneurs from all over the world gather at MIT to commemorate the wonders of the Internet. ROFLCon, the brainchild of a couple of Harvard kids, celebrates the lighter side of the online community. It provides a venue for net-phenoms and developers to meet with loyal fan-bases and talk about some pretty serious stuff: cheeseburgers and cats, keyboards and cats, other things with cats, three-wolf-moon T-shirts, bad dentist experiences, insanely fatty foods, and so forth. Basically, things that don't really matter, but that we're all the better for having. Kind of like cupholders.

And yes, things can get absurd. I mean absurdity (or absurdism, depending on how you look at it) that can make even the great Tom Stoppard blush. Why auto-tune the news like this:
Because you can, and it's awesome.

The good folks at Motherboard were able to cover the event last month, and have graced us with a 20-minute documentary entitled, "How I got Famous on the Internetz," which uncovers the trend of Internet memes and the culture surrounding them. It's pretty interesting stuff, especially when you're looking for a welcome distraction from your daily grind.

I would know. I can't stop watching Auto-tune the News after finding out about them.