Oklahoma Mom Hopes Rubber Boots Will Cover Her Kid's College Tuition

Have an extra $31,000? An Oklahoma mom is selling her Missoni for Target boots on eBay to cover her daughter's tuition.

The Missoni for Target line may have sold out within a few hours last month, but one enterprising mom hopes enduring demand for the fashionable collection will help put her daughter through college. Tulsa mom Tammy Lyn is selling a pair of the "Venetian" rubber rain boots, originally $34.99, on eBay for $31,000 in hopes of paying her daughter's hefty tuition bills.

Lyn told CNN Money that her family, has saved money for college for years, but the rising cost of higher education has still left them short. Given the way people went nuts for Missoni, Lyn said, the "mania looked like the perfect opportunity for a miracle."

Lyn originally listed the boots in late September using the "buy now" option. She wrote in the listing description that she actually thought she had a buyer, but it fell through. "The first buyer said their bid was a mistake," she says. Lyn isn't giving up, though. She's optimistic that some good Samaritan will want to help put her daughter through school, so the size 10 boots are back on the site.

While some eBay users have been supportive, leaving comments on the listing like, "Good luck with that tuition. It ain't no joke!" others are less encouraging. "Send this spoiled BRAT of yours to a community college and she can work enough to pay her own tuition," one user wrote. "I really could use a vacation home in Hawaii as we have paid for all 6 or our children's university and grad school education the 'we earned the money thru working way'. Good luck to your daughter paying for university with boots."

But Lyn says she's brushing off the criticism. "I, too, am a working parent who is doing everything she can, both by working a regular job, and by trying new and innovative ways to earn the money necessary to help my daughter graduate debt free," she replied on the site. She also bought Missoni for Target shower curtains, pillows, and scarves in hopes of funding tuition for her daughter's sophomore through senior years.

Whether or not it works, Lyn's attention-grabbing stunt certainly shines a light on how hard it is for middle-class families to afford higher eduction. Let's just hope she has a backup plan in place.

via Jason S Campbell / Twitter

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