The World’s Oldest Melody Is Surprisingly Soothing

“Music, being the expression of emotion through sound, probably even predates even our use of language”

Music has been a part of the human experience for a very, very long time. While it’s difficult to know how old music really is, it’s unquestionable that it has played an immensely important role in our evolution and our history.

Written music, however, is actually fairly young. The world's oldest known song dates back about 3,500 years and was inscribed on tablets found in the 1950s in what is now modern Syria.

The tablets had markings called cuneiform signs, a form of musical notation in the Hurrian language. Only one tablet (known as H6) of the 29 was in acceptable condition and was able to be translated and later played by curious musicians.

A few years ago, musician Michael Levy attempted to play the music from the ancient tablet on a lyre, one of the oldest known instruments. recently interviewed him about the recording. He said:

“H6 is the oldest substantial fragment (almost complete) of an actual melody, so far discovered in history. Naturally, music, being the expression of emotion through sound, probably even predates even our use of language, but up until this piece of music was actually discovered, no other written melodies from this period and before were ever found.”

The song, a hymn to Nikkal, a Semitic goddess of orchards, is surprisingly modern and melodic. The tablet even included instructions on how to play it and how to tune the instrument. Listen for yourself below:

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Last Friday, GOOD reported on an infuriating incident that went down at a Massachusetts Target.

A Target manager who's come to be known as "Target Tori," was harassed by Twitter troll David Leavitt for not selling him an $89 Oral-B Pro 5000 toothbrush for a penny.

He describes himself as a "multimedia journalist who has worked for CBS, AXS, Yahoo, and others."

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Anyone who has ever worked in retail knows that the worst thing about the job, right after the pay, are the unreasonable cheapskates who "want to talk to your manager" to get some money off an item.

They think that throwing a tantrum will save them a few bucks and don't care if they completely embarrass themselves in the process. Sometimes that involves belittling the poor employee who's just trying to get through their day with an ounce of dignity.

Twitter is rallying around a gal named Tori who works at a Target in Massachusetts after she was tweet-shamed by irate chapekate, journalist, and Twitter troll, David Leavitt.

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via Haldean Brown / Flickr

In a typical work day, people who smoke take more breaks than those who do not. Every few hours they pop outside to have a smoke and usually take a coworker with them.

Don Bryden, Managing director at KCJ Training and Employment Solutions in Swindon, England, thinks that nonsmokers and smokers should be treated equally, so he's giving those who refrain from smoking four extra days to compensate.

Funny enough, Bryden is a smoker himself.

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