Overload: Supermoon, SunShot, and More

Supermoon, the SunShot, and more of what we're reading at GOOD Environment HQ.


A rare "supermoon," or Perigree moon, will float above our skies tomorrow night.

It's a beautiful day here in New York City, so I'm going to keep this one brief. Get yourself outside, East Coasters. Read these later.

Japanese authorities have upgraded the Fukushima "accident," putting it now on par with Three Mile Island.

Another look at the Department of Energy's "SunShot" program, which aims to make solar power cheaper than coal or natural gas.

Hydrofracking operations in Arkansas have been halted while connections to recent earthquakes are explored.

Nicolas Kristof's "Sympathy for Japan, and Admiration" should be read by all.

Overload is a daily round-up of what we're reading at GOOD Environment HQ.