Participate in Dine-Out-for-Charity Month, Before It's Too Late lets diners give to their favorite charities, simply by eating out.

May is quickly coming to a close, so before it's too late, take a minute to check out the first ever National Dine-Out-for-Charity Month. Ten thousand participating restaurants across the country are joining up to offer diners the opportunity to give back to more than 100,000 of their favorite charities—simply by going out to eat. Hosted by, the service will give new members a bonus donation of $5 if they sign up in May.

Here's how the service works: First, register your credit card at Then, check out a list of participating restaurants near your house. (I looked for my zip code and was surprised to see how many spots in my neighborhood are already listed.) When you spend money at a member-restaurant with your registered card, keeps track of your purchase, and rewards you a certain percentage that you can decide how you want to donate. New members will get back 2.5 percent of every dollar to donate. But people who dine out all the time will soon find themselves getting more and more back—up to 6 percent.

The website is the latest from, a company that lets you donate money to charities as part of your every day life, whether your searching the web or shopping online.

Photo via (cc) Flickr user Seattle Municipal Archives