Patrick Murphy: Another One to Watch

In the spirit of introducing you to rising stars in the Democratic party, we humbly submit for nomination one Patrick Murphy, Congressman from the Pennsylvania 8th.

If Brian Schweitzer is the model of the new frontier democrat, Murphy is his eastern seaboard counterpart: young (he's 34), energetic, moderate. And his resume is so perfect it's almost a caricature of what the party is looking for: blue collar upbringing, Iraq war veteran (the only one serving in congress), professor at West Point, and a lawyer to boot. He also won his seat in congress by delivering big in Bucks county, Pennsylvania, which Obama failed to do in the primary but will need to do in the general.

He was flanked on stage last night by 25 fellow young veterans, and waxed indignant about veterans affairs under Bush. He had some cutting lines, and looked good delivering them. Keep your eyes on this one.