Patton Oswalt’s Daughter Sent Donald Trump A Postcard Letting Him Know How She Feels

Now we wait for an official response from the White House...

Any Twitter troll who’s had the misfortune of picking a fight with comedian Patton Oswalt on Twitter knows that he is tenacious in his response and conviction. Apparently, those characteristics are genetic, because he recently posted a photo of his daughter holding a letter meant for Donald Trump, and what it lacks in prose, it more than makes up for in poignancy.

It’s a missive of few words, but some Twitter users were left wondering if it couldn’t be dumbed down a little more for the sake of resonance.

Or if maybe it could be tweaked to characterize the president a little better.

Either way, this is the type of thing that a typical president would brush off. Nonetheless, we can probably expect Sean Spicer to issue a response to the letter via a press conference in the coming days. And a forthcoming Alice Oswalt-Donald Trump Twitter feud.