A Persistent Little Kid Demanded Mike Pence Apologize After The VP Accidentally Hit Him In The Head

This kid is all of us

Pay attention to this kid. He’s clearly destined to wrong injustices all over the world one day. But for now, he’s demanding satisfaction from just one person: Vice President Mike Pence.

Pence was speaking to a group for National Military Spouse Appreciation Day, and he was flanked by children, as politicians often are at photo ops. Just as he was issuing the requisite, “Bless you and bless these wonderful kids,” Pence stretched out his arms to gesture to the children. In his enthusiastic display, he bumped one in the nose.

A simple enough mistake, right?

Maybe. Probably. Yes. But that doesn’t mean that the kid was going take the indignation lying down. Following the speech, the kid dogged the vice president to get the apology he felt he was owed.

While Pence was making the rounds with his back turned, the slighted child uttered, “Excuse me, excuse me … You owe me an apology”—as so many of us feel as a result of Mike Pence’s actions.

The apology, sadly, never came. But I admire this kid’s sense of justice and integrity. Mike Pence made a powerful enemy yesterday, and something tells me this kid will get his apology.

Rue the day you crossed him, Pence. Rue it.