Mike Pence’s Selfie Shows The Stunning Lack Of Diversity In The GOP

It’s reminiscent of Paul Ryan’s 2016 pic of interns.

Image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr.

Earlier this year, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan caused a stir after posting a selfie with over 100 of the Republican Party’s 2016 Capitol Hill interns on his Instagram page. The photo was criticized for its head-scratching lack of diversity and was emblematic of how poorly his party has done with attracting non-white supporters. The Democratic Party at the time responded with a photo that showed an ethnically-diverse group with a caption that read, “The picture of the Democratic interns looks a lot different than the #speakerselfie #DemInternSelfie #Diversity.”

Image via Twitter.

Now a selfie taken by Vice President-elect Mike Pence of more than 100 House Republicans is drawing criticism for the same reason. Given the white nationalist bent of the incoming administration, the photo proves even more prescient. According to the Congressional Research Service, out of the 247 Republicans currently in the House of Representatives, only 14 are minorities and just 23 are women.

Image via Twitter.

There’s one black person in the upper left-hand corner who appears to have walked into the wrong room.

Image via Twitter.

Here are some responses to the photo on Twitter.