Piken's Upside-Down Marketing

A few weeks ago we noticed an upside-down billboard for Piken Real Estate on La Brea Ave. We chuckled. How stoned would you have to be to pull that off?

Then we noticed another. And another. Wait a minute...yep, it's a bizarre marketing campaign.

It's not bizarre just because the billboards are upside down. That kind of dare-to-be-different tack has been taken before. It's bizarre because Piken isn't a hip hotel; it's a commercial real estate company. And there's no "get it?" wink with the Piken marketing at all. It's completely indistinguishable from the bonehead screw-up.

Which is exactly what makes it so effective. Piken is now on the very short list of commercial real estate companies we'd recognize by name.

UPDATE: We'd covered diverting L.A. street trends in the blog before.