"Plastic State of Mind" Mock Music Video Makes Damn Good Case for Banning Disposable Shopping Bags

Watch this mock music video and learn everything you need to know about why plastic bags are really, really dumb.


Here's pretty much everything you need to know about why plastic bags are just plain dumb, put to the tune of "New York State of Mind," and chock full of plastic facts.

This clever and remarkably effective mock music video was made by "passionate volunteers on a super tiny budget for the California-based environmental organization Green Sangha as part of their Rethinking Plastics campaign. Green Sangha wants more than to just entertain and educate—they want to actually get governments to ban disposable plastic shopping bags.

Here "What you can do," according to the organization's site:

  1. Be the Change\n
  2. Share\n
  3. Join the Campaign.Sign up for our Email Newsletter to read about current actions and starting one in your community.
  4. Support Our Work.Donate to help us spread the word and produce more videos, raising awareness and catalyzing real change.

Hat tip to Jaymi Heimbuch at Treehugger, who spotted the video this weekend at the San Francisco Green Film Festival.