When Lego and Google Partner Online, Imagination Wins

Web app “Build” is all the fun of regular Legos, with nothing to clean up afterwards.

It’s tough building a skyscraper in the back of your parents’ minivan while stuck in a car seat. It’s even harder to build a 1/32 scale replica of Fenway Park from your desk at the office. But now, builders of all ages can enjoy Legos whenever and wherever they like. Last year, Lego teamed up with Chrome to create Build, a web application that allows Lego builders worldwide to create on their desktop, mobile, or tablet devices.

You can either start right away or take some lessons from a hippy-wizard Lego minifig. Builders can also sign in with their Google+ accounts to discover builds that people in their circles have created.

Lego lovers everywhere should be excited, but parents will be overjoyed because they’ll no longer fear stepping on the hard plastic bricks.