Playground for Malawi Children's Hospital Built Around Upcycled Ambulance

An empty lot near a hospital in Malawi has been transformed into the country's first playground for disabled children, with play equipment made from recycled materials—including—appropriately for the location—an old ambulance.

Dutch designers Luc van Hoeckel and Pim van Baarsen turned the ambulance, found in a junkyard, into a playhouse. Other scrap material, like car tires, axles, and springs, were also turned into new equipment with the help of Sakaramenta, a local social enterprise that also makes bicycle carts. Their goals: to make something simple, strong, and sustainable.

The playground is next to an orthopedic children's hospital, but it isn't limited only to patients; the designers also wanted to help the kids have the chance to play with others who live nearby.

Check out the making-of video, and more photos, below.

Images courtesy of Luc van Hoeckel and Pim van Baarsen