Pop!Tech ’09: Way Better Than Styrofoam Pop!Tech ’09: Way Better Than Styrofoam
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Pop!Tech ’09: Way Better Than Styrofoam

by Andrew Price

October 23, 2009
The Pop!Tech crowd just heard from Eben Bayer. His company, ecovative design, has developed a replacement for Styrofoam. They make packaging materials from seed husks and the roots of a mushroom called mycelium. Needless to say, this is a way better option than Styrofoam, which does use petroleum and takes forever (almost literally) to decompose. Here's a Popular Science piece on their work.To get people on board and build a buzz, he's asking for pictures of the frustrating Styrofoam packaging we encounter in our daily lives. If you're bummed by Styrofoam, take a picture of it when you see it and send him an email at stop[at]toxicwhitestuff[dot]com.I didn't catch exactly what he's planning to do with the photos, but I'd trust him to put them to good use. Some sort of online gallery, perhaps?
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Pop!Tech ’09: Way Better Than Styrofoam