Pothole Onomatopoeia in Toronto Pothole Onomatopoeia in Toronto

Pothole Onomatopoeia in Toronto

by Andrew Price

March 16, 2010
Last week, a group called the Urban Repair Squad painted sound-effect words-"Thunk!" "Oof" and the like-along Toronto's Harbord Street where potholes and other perils threaten cyclists. They're calling the project "Pothole Onomatopoeia."And as it turns out, the Urban Repair Squad has a profile on GOOD, where they explain their purpose:
The action-hero drama of dodging obstacles and potholes, escaping devil-may-care drivers in super-fast cars, and braving the fierce, temperamental elements, may seem, and feel, quite comic. Unless you're face-down on the pavement. With some wit, we endeavour to provide warning with humour; suggest danger with comedy; invite caution without frightening...and most importantly, we appeal to our fine city to remember that potholes aren't just uncomfortable, they really, really hurt.
It's a great idea. Hopefully it gets some attention from city planners. You can see a full Flickr set of "Pothole Onomatopoeia" photos here.(And to the Urban Repair Squad folks: Glad to have you around and keep up the great work!)Photo (cc) from Flickr user Martinho.
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Pothole Onomatopoeia in Toronto