Project 010: Bunny-Friendly Graphic Design Project 010: Bunny-Friendly Graphic Design

Project 010: Bunny-Friendly Graphic Design

June 25, 2008
For Project 010: The Project Project, we asked you to create a GOOD Project. A submission from Malu Roldan, called No Bleed Aesthetic, that challenged contributors to create environmentally-friendly graphic design techniques and layouts, garnered its own response. Dylan Royal happened to do (pretty incredible) thesis work on just that subject. Technically, Dylan's correspondence doesn't meet the Project 010 requirements, but it's too good to sit in our inbox, unpublished. He writes:
How To Be A Graphic Designer Without Hurting Little Bunnies was the title of my undergrad thesis. I spent two semesters exploring experimental sustainable graphic design. I've attached a few projects that relate to Project 010.project 1: greeting cards///party invitationsFor this project, I created invitations from used greeting cards. I overprinted black on the front and back and allowed the type and design elements to knock-out. On the inside, I overprinted a pattern so I could keep the look and feel of the old handwriting.Reused greeting cards. No bleeds. Coloured border.
project 2: newspapers///postersWhen I began this project, my first instinct was to overprint old newspapers. The more I researched the environmental impact of inks, the more I thought about not using any inks at all. So I created these posters by cutting used newspapers.Reused newspapers. No ink. No bleeds.
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Project 010: Bunny-Friendly Graphic Design