Project 010: Nature Make Your Yard Project 010: Nature Make Your Yard
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Project 010: Nature Make Your Yard

June 23, 2008
For Project 010 we asked you to propose a GOOD Project. Georgia Seamans sent in this contribution. She would challenge people to create a landscape design that works with nature, rather than against it. She writes:I propose "Nature Make Your Yard" (or balcony or community garden or sidewalk strip). The project can be a physical design (of any scale) or a fine art representation of a nature made place.What is nature making? The intentional design of a landscape to produce ecosystem services like storing carbon; intercepting rainfall and slowing runoff; cleaning the air; cooling the air, infrastructure, and buildings; and, providing habitat for small, highly mobile species (like butterflies, bees, birds, and yes, bats) and native plants.It sounds like a challenge, but a fun one. Using runnels to channel rainwater into a simple, low-tech irrigation system (pictured above) is just one way a landscape designer can capitalize on the surrounding ecosystem.There's more on "nature making" at Georgia's site,
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Project 010: Nature Make Your Yard