Pull in and Plug in: What Will EV Charging Stations Look Like?

According to a recent Treehugger post, your local McDonald's might one day include parking lots that double as Electric Vehicle charging stations. Solar-powered charging stations are currently being conceived and designed by a variety of companies, the hope being that parking lots or some designated public area can be converted to accommodate and charge EV batteries.
The idea of solar-powered charging stations is enticing. Sanyo, one company preparing many solar canopies and parking lot panel solutions, believes a 10 ft. by 20 ft. solar canopy parking space cover can generate enough electricity to run the electric vehicle annually.
The post includes three additional possibilities designed by Beautiful Earth, Toyota Industries, and Columb Technologies and Envision. While some designs are still in the development and testing phases, others, like the Columb/Envision station at a McDonald's in Pacific Beach, California, are already functional. Check out photos and descriptions of all four innovative designs over at Treehugger.Photo via Sanyo.