A Powerful Re-Imagining of America's History of Racism

The provocative new photo series is sure to stir up controversy.

Source: Tyler Shields

“Lynching” is the title of the most striking image in photographer Tyler Shields latest photo series, Historical Fiction. The depiction of a black man hanging a klansman is certainly unsettling, and the violent nature of the image, combined with the reversal of historical roles, forces anyone who views it to think long and hard about the history of racism.

Source: Tyler Shields

Although these photos are set in the past, the ideas and emotions they convey are very relevant today, especially with the recent events in Ferguson and Baltimore. By forcing oppressors to see themselves as the oppressed, these images might, in a very small way, lead some people to look at racism in a way they haven’t before.

Source: Tyler Shields

(h/t Mic)

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