Girl's insanely racist cotton-picking tweet goes viral. She can say bye to her internship.

It’s mind-boggling that she thought she could get away with it.

via Twitter

It seems like we should all at least know by now not to post heinously racist things to social media. Right?

If you are current enough to have a Twitter account, and know how to post to it, you should also know better than to be a total jackass on the platform. This is assuming you’re not openly working for a hate group.

However, college student Erika Escalante defied common wisdom and posted this:


It sparked outrage across the Internet, as it should. That is a truly awful, racist tweet. So awful, it’s mind-boggling that she thought she could get away with it. She even clapped back at all the people saying, “WTF,” at her.

Not only is Erika racist, she also forgot she has a job. Well, she did have a job. It didn’t take long for folks to share her tweets with her employer, nutrition company Isagenix, and it took even less time for them to fire her ass.

And the public flagellation hasn’t ended. Some mysterious weirdo who isn’t satisfied with Erika losing her job and eating crow on the evening news has started a Twitter account using her photo, with a very similar handle. They’ve been tweeting racist stuff to keep Escalante’s spirit alive on social media, even though she’s deleted all her personal accounts.