Read My Lips (And Eyebrows And Chin)

Trustworthiness. Passivity. Aggression. You can see it in a guy's eyes. (And his cheekbones... And the width of his face...)

A study of Canadian hockey players recently revealed that the proportions of the face are directly linked to the aggressiveness of the player. Also, if the player is making a mean, gnarling, growly face at his opponents, that can also be construed as an indicator that he is aggressive.

A man is also judged by his face when it comes to trustworthiness. And great con men master the aesthetic elements of reliability-the certain eyebrows and sympathetic forehead. But of course, we've learned from some of history's most infamous con men-and perhaps some members of the current political administration-that just because you have a friendly face, doesn't mean anyone should necessarily trust you.

Image: Graphic tying eyebrow slope and chin thickness to outside perception of personality. (Via Boing Boing)