Rebranding a Humble Fish With Nifty Packaging and a Curious New Name

Overfishing of cod (and countless other kinds of fish) has resulted in disrupted ecosystems, lost livelihoods for fishermen and spiked prices worldwide. The pollack, however-no relation to Jackson, though the packaging at left suggests otherwise-is an abundant, cheap fish. It's also similar in flavor to cod-or so I'm told. I've never actually tasted the thing, and it seems like I'm not the only one.In an effort to rebrand the less popular cod-like fish, which is abundant in the U.K., Sainsbury has launched a nifty new marketing ploy to boost its popularity through chic, artsy packaging. They've also decided to change pollack's name to Colin-which is derived from the French word for cooked pollack, and is pronounced "co-lan." So, kind of like that tube-like thing in the lower intestine. An odd choice for a name, but the packaging is lovely, and the price is right.I'd buy it. Would you?