Should Students Boycott School Until The U.S. Government Does Something About Guns?

by Tod Perry

February 16, 2018


Students and teachers are considering dramatic ways to stand up against gun violence.


The government mandates every child go to school until a certain age, depending on the state, so after a rash of school shootings across the country, some students and teachers are starting to feel like sitting ducks.

If the government won’t act keep them safe by enacting smart gun laws, then why should they put themselves at risk?



One Redditor posed a solution to government inaction on mass shootings in schools, and it’s getting a lot of attention.

“Students should boycott their schools until the U.S. government puts in place proper gun control protections to keep them safe.”

Historically, there hasn’t been any major movement of K-12 students that has changed federal policy. But there is one major way massive student boycotts could get states’ attention: Hit ‘em in the pocketbook. 

Some states receive school funding based on daily average attendance, not enrollment. In these states, chronic absenteeism can cost schools millions. Financial pressure could push elected officials to rethink their stances and consider sensible gun laws.

The idea is already building steam on social media. Parents, activists, and teachers are advocating a nationally-organized school walkout to send a message to Washington. 

Here’s what Redditors thought of the idea of student boycotts:

Share image by Rhona Wise/Getty Images.

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Should Students Boycott School Until The U.S. Government Does Something About Guns?