Reinventing Local Furniture: Print it Down the Street

Forget cargo ships and thousand-mile journeys by truck: the future of furniture distribution is digital, and it's already here. Irish designer and Fabsie founder James McBennett has a new line of wooden stools up on Kickstarter that you can make hyper-locally.

If you happen to know CAD and have access to a CNC machine, you can print the furniture yourself. Or, for anyone without a workshop, the digital file for the design can be sent to a maker in your area, who will cut it out and send it to you. The stool was designed to be easily assembled without any screws or other fasteners; the wood slots together.

Those who get in on the Kickstarter campaign—there are just a couple of days left to go—can have a custom shape or their name cut into the top. The stool's a nice design on its own; it's cleverly made to assemble in less than a minute, unlike other flat-pack furniture. But what's most interesting is the proof that the supply chain is being reinvented.

Images courtesy of James McBennett