#RejectedAppleProducts is Twitter’s Best Creation This Week

Apple announced a whole line of new products this week. But the Internet had better ideas.

Image via Wikimedia

On Wednesday, Apple finally announced a whole new line of products this country desperately, desperately needs. For example: a pink iPhone (hallelujah), a newly sized iPad, and an iPhone pen that’s totally not a Stylus don’t even think about it. The Internet, in complete Internet fashion, decided that Apple might have gone a bit too far this time—and came up with a list of #RejectedAppleProducts.

The hashtag was organized as part of @midnight’s hilarious nightly Twitter wordplay contest. And the results, posted below, are perfect.

[tweet url="" author="The Gnurb" handle="batshake1" text="iRonic iMac supporting windows." date="2015-09-09" time=""]

[tweet url="" author="Damian Vanore" handle="DamianVanore23" text="iBrows" date="2015-09-09" time=""]

[tweet url="" author="Jillian" handle="PheraMuse" text="IPads with Wings #RejectedAppleProducts @midnight #pointsme " date="2015-09-09" time=""]

[tweet url="" author="*Holly" handle="HollyOrange8" text="iTouch Myself #RejectedAppleProducts @midnight" date="2015-09-09" time=""]

[tweet url="" author="Chris Hardwick" handle="Nerdist" text="iWatch U Pee #RejectedAppleProducts @midnight starts right now. At 11p. Because." date="2015-09-09" time=""]

[tweet url="" author="joshingstren" handle="Joshingstern" text="Gilligan's iLand #rejectedAppleproducts @midnight " date="2015-09-09" time=""]

(h/t The Daily Edge)