Resource Furniture: Small (and Multifunctional) Is Beautiful

Generally speaking, space-saving furniture like fold-out couches signals either cheapness or gimmickry—or both—and unless you're Phillip Marlowe, you probably don't love the idea of sleeping on a Murphy bed. But more people live in cities than ever before, and a transition toward denser, urban living in smaller spaces will pay environmental dividends for generations to come. That's why companies like Ron Barth's Resource Furniture are so promising. The New York-based Resource sells attractive, high-design, multifunction, space-saving furniture (including products made by Italian designer Clei), and as you can see from this video by Core77, its line is a thing to behold.


What really impresses is how fluidly they move and convert. As opposed to clunky traditional space-saving units, these pieces all use what Core77 describes as "invisible engineering," meaning the machinery of the pieces is totally hidden, so they're functional without sacrificing beauty. We don't have word on prices yet—though you can request quotes for things that interest you—but it's tough to put a price tag on innovations that could help us lead more sustainable lives.

Via Swiss Miss