"Restoring Honor" Rally Attendees, in Their Own Words

The temptation, when covering something like Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally in Washington, D.C., last Sunday, is to find the craziest, most racist T-shirt or sign, or the least informed attendee, and point and laugh.

But that's not really helpful. If you wish Tea Partiers would approach Muslims without narrow preconceptions and negative stereotypes (and I do), it's only fair to extend the same courtesy to the Tea Party.

That's why I was glad to see Chase Whiteside from New Left Media present this relatively respectful and neutral series of interviews with "Restoring Honor" attendees.


I don't agree with much they say, but I'd still rather hear their views in their own words—and try to understand this Tea Party phenomenon a little better—than just gawk at another offensive sign.