Rethinking Cities: Introduction Rethinking Cities: Introduction

Rethinking Cities: Introduction

by Oliver Munday

September 26, 2009

Currently, more than half the world's population lives in cities. And the complex collection of systems that make up a city's infrastructure have evolved, creating new and efficient ways to sustain and support a significant concentration of people. But inside all cities are problem areas that can be optimized and made smarter-improving the function of the metropolis and the lives of its citizens.

These pieces spotlight eight cities around the world that benefited by the introduction of novel technologies, from cameras that improve traffic flow in Singapore to a process that generates heat and electricity simultaneously in Chicago. These are just a few examples of what cities are doing to investigate how their systems function and devise ways to make them work better. It's this kind of innovation and daring that we are examining at GOOD.IS/cities, a website where you can find infographics on city systems, stories on how they can be improved, and video documentaries about solutions in action. By transforming our urban centers, we can improve the lives of the majority of people on the planet, and inspire even more innovation in how our cities serve their residents.

ENERGY Intelligent Utility Network: Copenhagen, Denmark

TRAFFIC Intelligent Transport Systems Center: Singapore

WATER Leakfrog: London

EDUCATION Helping Involve Parents: New York City

PUBLIC SAFETY Crime Prediction Software: Richmond, Virginia

OIL AND GAS Cogeneration: Chicago

HEALTH CARE Intermountain Healthcare: Salt Lake City, Utah

GOVERNMENT E-Government: Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Rethinking Cities: Introduction