Rethinking Cities: Energy and Traffic Rethinking Cities: Energy and Traffic
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Rethinking Cities: Energy and Traffic

by Oliver Munday

September 26, 2009
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Intelligent Utility Network: Copenhagen, Denmark

In 2006, six Danish utilities merged to form DONG Energy, the largest energy company in Denmark. DONG-with the help of IBM-installed a number of new remote sensors to make up an intelligent utility network that provides real-time information from the grid, allowing the utility to react much faster to outages than before. More data helps network planning: The program is projected to save the company up to 80 percent on upcoming reinforcements to its grid.

Intelligent Transport Systems Center: Singapore 

Singapore has been monitoring and improving its  traffic flow from its centrally located Intelligent Transport Systems Center for the past two decades. New technologies are constantly being deployed to help its citizens can get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. The system uses cameras to scan the streets for congestion and accidents, allowing the city to clear wrecks faster and recommend alternate routes. Singapore is currently working with IBM to pilot a tool which will predict traffic conditions up to an hour in advance, with accuracy rates of more than 85 percent.

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Rethinking Cities: Energy and Traffic