Reverend Wright Speaks

And for once you'll hear more than the condensed-for-maximum-shock soundbites. Barack Obama's "controversial" pastor is going to sit down with Bill Moyers for what we assume will be a lengthy interview tomorrow.

There are some advance snippets of the transcript on the Huffington Post.

BILL MOYERS: In the 20 years that you've been [Obama's] pastor, have you ever heard him repeat any of your controversial statements as his opinion?

REVEREND WRIGHT: No. No. No. Absolutely not.

Whatever your opinion on the Wright media flare-up, it seems only reasonable to hear more than three words from the man before judging him (and certainly before judging others for associating with him). Truth be told, we think there's a lot going on in the race that matters more than the occasionally tactless or emotional or impolitic phrasings of this or that peripheral character.