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Roadside Signs Become Pieces of Art Roadside Signs Become Pieces of Art

Roadside Signs Become Pieces of Art

February 6, 2010
The artist Josef Schulz's new series "Sign Out" features a collection of American roadside signs, but with the text digitally removed, creating a fascinating amalgamation of art and branding. As they write on Cool Hunting:
The Polish artist digitally manipulated his images, meticulously stripping the American signs of all purpose or identity. The now-blank signs, rather than empty speech bubbles ready for filling in with thought or action, suggest a more dystopian vision of loss. The images, without contextual signifiers like landscape or human activity, have only the shifting background of the sky to anchor them to reality.
See many more images from "Sign Out" over at Cool Hunting.
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Roadside Signs Become Pieces of Art