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Women’s March Protesters Created A Wall Of Their Own

Bringing a little irony to the White House lawn

Image via Twitter/John Boese

This past Saturday, millions of women and men from around the world rallied to protest the rise of fascism, misogyny, and bigotry—not to mention a few other worthy causes. To visually represent a united front against these forces of oppression, protesters carried signs of all shapes, colors, and sizes, pronouncing various versions of the overarching sentiment that we’ve had enough. Part of getting the message across to Donald Trump (who refused to acknowledge the overwhelming size of the crowds) involved plastering these signs on the fence circling the White House lawn.

While some signs were funny and others were serious, they all echoed the resounding truths that prompted the march in the first place. When the rights of a few are jeopardized, everyone’s rights are compromised. The signs and protests and work we have ahead should reinforce to Trump that we will not bend to his whims; he is, in fact, our employee. Keep scrolling to see what Trump currently has the pleasure of seeing from his new office—a wall built out of love and solidarity for and by the people he’s promised to marginalize.

There were enough signs to block the view completely

Thousands of signs spilled to the ground

So many the fence could not withstand their weight

Downtown LA got a sign wall of its own

As did one of Trump’s hotels

Let’s hope the Smithsonian answers the call to keep the signs as artifacts

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