Caterina Fake: Finding Her Way in the Golden City

Tour San Francisco with Caterina Fake.

From the Bay Bridge to the Golden Gate, cable cars and wine buses, bookshops and bars, and, of course, the legendary neighborhoods, San Francisco has certainly earned its nickname “Everyone’s Favorite City.” And yet, depending on who you are and what you do in life—whether that be an artist or writer or entrepreneur—these places and streets likely hold very different meanings for you.

For Caterina Fake, a co-founder of photo-sharing site Flickr and founder of Findery, San Francisco has long meant opportunity, and the various sites and spaces she frequents act as vessels for further defining her dreams and help her, quite literally, find her way as a tech entrepreneur. “In spite of all of the change that you see in San Francisco, it’s really those things that don’t change that you hang onto,” she says. In this video, we join Caterina as she takes us through her San Francisco, sharing the parts of the city that have truly resonated with her on a deeper personal level, and how they have shaped her, ending up at the legendary Wave Organ on a jetty in the San Francisco Bay.