Scientists Have Discovered How to Unboil an Egg and It Could Help Cure Cancer

This new procedure reverts a hard-boiled egg into its pre-cooked state.

A group of scientists out of UC Irvine have figured out how to unboil the whites of a hard-boiled egg. Previously thought to be impossible, the procedure has huge significance for the field of cancer research.

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The proteins in egg whites change in structure when they’re boiled, a process once thought to be irreversable. Now, a process that involves separating the whites from the yolks and dissolving them in urea before placing them in a vortex fluid machine that spins super fast and restores them to their original state, has changed everything.

Proteins are crucial to cancer research. Unfortunately, scientists often have trouble with the molecules rearranging into the wrong formations and turning into a gummy consistency that clogs up equipment. This new discovery will make work in the lab much more efficient.

Maybe we’ll get some bizarr-o culinary techniques out of this, too. Deconstructed de-hard boiled egg with a size of re-rawed avocado for brunch, anyone?


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