Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s Upside Down Flag Pin Seems Oddly Appropriate

Freudian slip, maybe?

According to United States flag code, hanging a flag upside-down is a signal that the owner or their property are in extreme danger. The military is trained to see an upside down flag as a signal for help. So Friday, when Press Secretary Sean Spicer arrived at his morning wearing an upside-down American flag pin, it was hard not to read into it as either a Freudian slip or subtle cry for help.

After Spicer walked up to the podium, the press caught on to his faux pas. “Your pin’s upside-down,” Fox News’s John Roberts said. Not realizing his mistake, Spicer shot back with, “John Roberts, always helping with the fashion tips.” “ ‘House of Cards’?” another reporter asked, referring to the flag in distress in the opening credits of the Kevin Spacey drama. Realizing, his error, Spicer adjusted the pin as to not signal to the entire world that our country is in total danger.

Of course, Twitter had a lot to say about Spicer’s wardrobe malfunction.