See Which Companies Give Money to Which Political Party

The Good Guide (no affiliation) put together an interesting interactive tool that shows you the political leanings, in terms of amount of money contributed, of many familiar companies, from Amway to Chanel to Google.

There are a few surprises: Heinz donates more to Republicans, for example, and Whole Foods splits its money pretty evenly between Republicans and Democrats.

One nice feature of the tool is that it allows you to sort by sector. Food and beverage companies tend to contribute more money to Republican candidates. I'm guessing this is because they want to protect certain food subsidies and resist things like tighter health regulations or transparency requirements. Those are aims they probably think Republicans will help advance.

Media companies, on the other hand, tend to donate more to Democrats. This might be because Democrats care less about propriety in programming, but it's probably also due in part to the fact that the culture of the media business, which is gay-friendly and generally open-minded, fits a bit better with the Democratic agenda.

Want to see where Ford or Miller or Revlon fall? Look them up here.