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Woman Celebrates Life By Writing Her Own Wonderful Facebook Obituary

“Every time you laugh or smile and have fun, i'm right there having fun with u!!!”

via Facebook

Seema Jaya Sharma was the face of Cancer Research in the UK. The feisty mother of two and three-time cancer survivor appeared in ads with the bold headline, “I am alive because of research.” A few weeks ago, she learned her cancer had returned and spread all over her body so she got to work planning her funeral. She told The Mirror, “I’ve sorted the DJ, the playlist, I’ve got the caterers checked and booked, the video to thank everyone for coming... everything’s sorted. I’ve planned plenty of parties but this one’s a bit different. Because this one is my funeral.” In addition to being an outspoken advocate for those with the disease, Seema has another lasting legacy, Canmates, a friend-finder service for friends and family of cancer patients.

When Seema passed away on August 21, 2105, no one was shocked when she had written her own obituary which was posted by her son on her Facebook page.

This is me.. SEEMA Jaya Sharma. My son will keep you updated of when the funeral is etc and please come in bright colours coz you're not coming to mourn my death but to celebrate my life!! Please keep me alive through you good times and every time you laugh or smile and have fun, i'm right there having fun with u!!! YAY!!! don't cry for me argentina….the truth is that i didn't even know where u are on the map!! Geography was never my strong point!! :S. Anyway this is me saying 'peace out people' if a bird poos on ur head, that's just me saying 'yo man' and if i really like u then i might just come haunt you to create ur own kinda bird poo innit!!! hehe!! LOVE YOU!!! MWAH xxx


via Facebook

(H/T The Mirror)

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