Sesame Information Superhighway

Big things have been going on in your old neighborhood since you left: Sesame Street is working on a new $14 million website. The TV show's success with children has been attributed to the thorough, scientific research that went into its development, and the same approach was used for the website. According to the NYT "The research found that children did not want a linear televisionlike experience on the Web site, ...and that online as on television, they responded strongly to having a Muppet guide them." Awesome. Kids are suckers for furry things with googly eyes. Is LeVar Burton still cool? Maybe they can get him involved.

We're glad Sesame Workshop is on the cutting edge. Today's five-year olds are going to be voters someday. We need to make sure they're super familiar with things like numbers and letters. The TV show is still killing it, by the way: