When Seth Rogen Realized Donald Trump Jr. Followed Him On Twitter, He Seized The Opportunity

“Yo! @DonaldJTrumpJr! I noticed you follow me on Twitter.”

These days, anyone with a relationship to Donald Trump – personal or professional, good or bad – is probably treating social media like a minefield. Not only are those near him subject to criticisms, but also jokes or even pleas to let reason prevail during this tumultuous time.

Donald Trump Jr. got all three when he decided recently to follow comedic actor Seth Rogen on Twitter.

Rogen was quick to notice his prominent new follower and the Canadian-born U.S. resident wasn’t about to let this direct line to the president slip through his fingers.

So he reached out in a tweet that’s so in keeping with his on-screen persona that you might as well read it in his voice:

“Hey bro, quick Q...”

Subsequently, Rogen, realizing that perhaps a message of this gravity couldn’t be encapsulated in 140 characters, reached out Donald Trump Jr. with a direct message, both clarifying and reiterating his request:

“Do me a solid, Broseph...”

Despite not receiving a response from the president’s son (or not sharing one if he did), Rogen then took things a step further, offering unsolicited advice on matters of policy and personnel in the Trump administration:

Let’s all hold out hope for a response, then a dialogue, then the announcement of Seth Rogen as a special advisor to the president.

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