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Mike Basich’s Tiny Cabin Is a Snowboarder’s Paradise

“Here, it feels like you're in sync with what's actually happening.”

Snowboarding pioneer Mike Basich learned from a young age that it’s ok to be different, a belief instilled in him by his parents when he was growing up with epilepsy. This would lead Basich to forge his own path and live on his own terms. He’d discover the young sport of snowboarding as a child and help develop it in an era when there were no rules. His fame and success allowed him to live another dream, to life off the grid.

Where most people with fame and fortune choose to build a lavish home somewhere in the Hollywood Hills, Basich chose 40 acres in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains to build a 228-square-foot cabin. After five years of design and construction, he completed a perfect tiny home atop a snow-capped hill. It’s heated by a wood-burning stove. The water is supplied by two nearby creeks, and if you’d like a shower, there’s no room for modesty—it’s in the living room.

At night, he sleeps in a loft. “It’s very different than anywhere else I’ve lived. I go to bed with the sun and I wake up with it,” he told Seeker Stories. “I don’t feel like I’m trying to race time. In the city, you always feel like you’re in a rat race. Here, it feels like you’re in sync with what’s actually happening.” The home also gives him a feeling of naturalness because it was built based on the golden ratio. “Building under that law of nature is supposed to make the space feel more fit to the body,” Basich said.

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