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Eco-Minded Urban Planners Create a Bike Path Protected by Solar Panels in South Korea

The same structure shielding bikers from bad weather also powers the street-lamps running alongside the road.

image via youtube screen capture

This is one of those “brilliant in its simplicity” creations of environmentally sound urban engineering: A stretch of road connecting two South Korean cities, between which is a dedicated bike path. But beyond simply providing a convenient way for bikers to travel from one urban center to another, the path is covered by miles of solar paneling, offering cyclists shade and protection from the wind and rain, all while creating the electrical energy that powers the adjoining street lamps, as well as a number of nearby electric car charging stations.

The solar-powered/protected bike lane runs for nearly 20 miles between the cities of Daejon and Sejong. On Facebook, the Korean Culture and Information Service shared video of what it’s like to travel inside the specially designed trail:

Our last video about the solar paneled bicycle road from Daejeon to Sejong was a great hit. We've prepared a closer look inside the bike lane to have our fans feel what it's actually like.For those who have missed the aerial view, watch it here->

Posted by Korea Clickers on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The city of Sejong is a massive, ongoing construction project by South Korea, designed to relieve urban congestion in the capital city of Seoul, as well as act as a satellite “capital” and economic hub, itself. To build the city, South Korea established the “Multifunctional Administrative City Construction Agency,” which oversees the continued development of the newly constituted metropolis. A release put out last fall by that agency’s infrastructure bureau highlights the innovative bike lanes as just one of several clean power initiatives for the budding city, such as the installation of solar paneling atop parking garages. It goes on to promise that “more will be done for residential areas as well.”

[via design boom]

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