Sounds GOOD: Download "Colorwheel" by Monster Rally

Download a new track from tropical pop producer Monster Rally and support the ASPCA.

Sounds GOOD brings you new music by artists we love. Pay what you want to download a track, and GOOD will give the net proceeds to a worthy organization.

Visual artist and tropical pop producer Monster Rally (known to his family as Ted Feighan) makes music that sounds simultaneously new and nostalgic. He creates a unique brand of beat-oriented exotica by pulling samples from a vast collection of vinyl, then painstakingly refining and digitally layering those snippets to make something entirely fresh. The 23-year-old sound manipulator has been on an undeniable winning streak as of late, with a variety of collaborations, live performances, and album releases over the past year (2011's Coral was a favorite among music bloggers, many of whom called it one of the year's very best records).

Sounds GOOD is pleased to debut "Colorwheel," a track originally recorded in June of 2010, subsequently lost, then rediscovered in the dark recesses of Feighan's laptop earlier this month. "The name 'Colorwheel' is in reference to the bright and spiraling tones of the track's main loop," Feighan says.

Stream "Colorwheel" above, then pay any amount to download it. Monster Rally has asked GOOD to give the net proceeds to the ASPCA, which works to rescue animals from abuse, pass humane laws, and share resources with shelters nationwide.

(Payments are not tax-deductible. Net proceeds are the total revenue from sales minus transaction costs.)