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Sounds GOOD: Download 'Seedling' by Ernest Gonzales & Aaron Peña Sounds GOOD: Download 'Seedling' by Ernest Gonzales & Aaron Peña

Sounds GOOD: Download 'Seedling' by Ernest Gonzales & Aaron Peña

by GOOD Worldwide

May 4, 2012


Sounds GOOD brings you new music by artists we love. Pay what you want to download the track, and GOOD will donate the net proceeds to a worthy organization. (Payments are not tax-deductible. Net proceeds are the total revenue from sales minus transaction costs.)

Ernest Gonzales wears many masks—literally, in the case of his luchador alter-ego Mexicans with Guns. The San Antonio-based producer and remixer is also a middle-school technology teacher, record label owner, and family man. In the past year, he's released two highly acclaimed albums and rocked crowds across the United States with his unique brand of Latin-infused bass music.

Sounds GOOD is pleased to debut "Seedling," a shimmering track produced by Gonzales and friend and fellow South Texan Aaron Peña. The duo composed the song using Synplant, a synth plug-in with a unique game-like interface that allows users to make music by manipulating animated plants. "You build sounds by planting seeds, growing leaves and stems, and altering plant DNA," Gonzales says. "Aaron put together a beautiful melody and some ghostly sounds using Synplant. As soon as I heard it, I knew I had to work on it."

Stream "Seedling" below, then pay an amount of your choice to download it in your choice of audio format. Net proceeds will be donated to the San Antonio Food Bank, which works to fight hunger in the region Gonzaes and Peña call home.

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Sounds GOOD: Download 'Seedling' by Ernest Gonzales & Aaron Peña