New Spray Gun Heals Burn Victims Fast

Instead of painful skin grafts, a new innovation allows doctors to basically spray on new skin.

National Geographic recently reported on a mind-blowing new innovation for the treatment of burn victims: a simple spray bottle. The device, developed by Dr. Jörg C. Gerlach (who has awesome hair; watch the video), utilizes the healthy parts of a patient's skin and that patient's stem cells to produce incredible results.

After being sprayed with a stem cell concoction from Dr. Gerlach's "Skin Gun," a section of skin heavily damaged by burns can be fully repaired. And it's incredibly fast. Unlike skin grafts, which leave damaging scars and require months of rehabilitation, this spray technique can completely heal a patient within a few days.

The "Skin Gun" is currently still an experimental technology, but more than a dozen patients have already been successfully treated.